Kahala Fresh salt

Made by our  BFFS at Umeke Market, we are proud to carry Kahala Fresh Salts.

Taking salt to the next level Hawaiian sea salt from Molokai is extracted by the Hawaiian sun.

Black salt: A dramatic finishing salt with activated charcoal to give it a slightly smoky flavor and a vivid presentation on any table.

Red Salt: Cooking salt with Red Alaea sea clay found in deposits between sheets of lava.

Green Salt:  infused with Bamboo for its health benefits loaded with antioxidants and amino acids, we love this in our stir fry dishes.

Kiawe Salt: Smoky goodness so wonderful for anything that goes on the grill this is made with Molokai Kiawe wood, the Hawaiian mesquite, has been used here in the islands for years for luaus and barbeques because of its slightly sweeter essence.