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What is Red Pineapple anyway?

I just wanted a fun, unique name that was familiar, curious, and clever all at the same time. In the beginning of developing this store I had another VERY boring name and I kept thinking this name is so dull!

I spent a few sleepless nights with words swimming through my head until voila! Red Pineapple was born.

Just for the record there really is a "Red Pineapple"! Here is a Red Pineapple, it is often found in tropical floral arrangements.

Who created Red Pineapple?

I did! Nalani McLaughlin Holliday. I thought Honolulu was starved for a really great place to shop filled with goodies we usually have to lug back from our travels, or that before now, we would have to get on line and pay an arm and a leg for! I wanted to create a boutique that was fun and hip and packed with delightful things that we could give to our friends and family.

So, I looked to my favorite magazines like, O Magazine by Oprah, Instyle, Real Simple, Food and Wine and Shop. I started researching all the product I loved and had bought and found a way to bring them here!  Since there are so many wonderful things to select from I decided to bring things into the store that I would give to my friends, the things that I wanted for my own home and kitchen. This is why the store has such a wide range of fun, and unique things, the store is truly a reflection of myself, it is like coming to my house! So, come in and stay a while!

Now here is a bit of a twist. I encourage you to spoil yourself..Happy people make other people happy so when you get something for someone  else, you should really get one for you too!

I hope my store inspires you to give...it is a beautiful pleasure to give a wonderful gift, wether you want to spend ten dollars or one hundred dollars you will find something special in Red Pineapple.

    I am happily married to Christopher Holliday! He loves Red Pineapple too!

Thank you Christopher!


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Last modified: 06/14/10