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Here are a few sites I love.

Need help with your wedding...I will soon have a reference page...keep your eyes here for more info!

Red Pineapple gives back to the community and so should you...here are a few of our favorite organizations, so if you don't know where to start click on one of these.

www.joyfulheartfoundation.org Of course as you know Red Pineapple loves Joyful Heart Foundation! Founded by actress Mariska Hargitay, Joyful Heart Foundation provides groundbreaking retreat, wellness and education programs to help survivors of sexual assault heal: mind, body and spirit.

www.thegiftfoundationofhawaii.org Based in Honolulu The Gift Foundation supports local charitable organizations, usually selecting smaller less noticed programs and organizations  often overlooked.

www.myqlu.com Need some new goodies...or not so new, if you love the stars of sports and screen this is the best way to enjoy their goodies, stars and give back at the same time. This site helps the stars give to their favorite non-profits. Goodies donated by stars are auctioned off to benefit the star's favorite charity. You can fill your star struck heart while really doing good! What a clever idea girls of QLu!

www.metrorotary.org Rotary is a Worldwide organization built by business professionals. Based in the mantra of "service above self" the group raises funds to make a global impact. From the here at home to the other side of the world Rotary helps build wells, provides scholarships,  spreads goodwill, builds schools, provides immunizations... the list goes on. Nalani is a member of Metropolitan Rotary of Honolulu

www.whenisnow.org We often make gift baskets in Red Pineapple for families that have lost a loved one. This is a wonderful site providing self help to those on the journey after loss. Thank you Dr. Rita for providing a wonderful community service.

www.meandrojewelry.com Red Pineapple doesn't carry jewelry but we love Me & Ro, I met the owners and just fell for them completely, not only is the jewelry fantastic but Robin the CEO and designer is so community minded it is infectious. Each piece seems to be made with love and nothing seems to happen by chance in her designs, take a peek at her charity page, I love givers...great job Robin!

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