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Okay so we can't possibly only have the most beautiful, sweet smelling, yummy tasting, pretty-pretties...

yes we have some really fun silly things too!

As seen in "Domino" and "Food & Wine". Marilyn would have loved these three-dimensional ice cubes shaped just like "a girl's best friend". If diamonds are your jewel of choice simply add water to the tray…or vary your cool jewel assortment by using fruit juice to replicate your favorite colored cool ice. Add them to any drink, and turn it into a million dollars worth of fun! Makes a great engagement gift. Food-grade flexible plastic


Ice Kabobs! Whooh, if you get these I want to come over...

Bone Chillers..for a spooky party!

If you can't use chopsticks yet, they help adults too! But these are for kids....

This is great for any scientist or chef...clever very clever!

Can't find your Chianti? Maybe you had a Merlot? Wine lines will save the party -

Wine lines are soft, flexible and washable so instead of just bringing wine to the next party bring the Wine Lines from Red Pineapple!

Ha Ha Ha these just made me laugh! Ice Cool Shooters. And you can make Jello cups with these too and fill the center with whipped cream!

Even something for the Beer Drinkers...

As seen on Lucky Magazine January 2008, DailyCandy and The Food Section.com.

Finally it’s polite to “pick your nose” in public!

Your guests will be clamoring to "pick a new proboscis" with each successive drink.

A must for your next party, and the perfect gift for any plastic surgeon who loves to do rhinoplasties. Coated paper.

With this amusing stiletto door stop you can at least guarantee you will get plenty of laughs. This Shoe in the door is a great girl-friend gift. Black or Red

You know you want these...and there are enough to share!

Every Birthday should be celebrated! Get these and store them for the a surprise on the big day...totally fun.

I have these on my luggage, you should too!

These are great too. Kids love them on their backpacks and school bags. You will love them on your suitcase, get an entire animal family! $11.00


This is new too! Love these

Sticker Frames. Set of 8,  they will not stick to your paint or wallpaper, (we even tried it on wood paneling) great for a dorm room, rental or for those people who really like to decorate - redecorate - decorate, change your art work with the season and swap out your New BFF photos...if you are one of those that has a new one every week...don't panic. peel and restick!

$22.00 for set


Set of 8 fancy frames for $22.00 available in Pink, Black or Gray!


Have fun in your kitchen with these graters...

Or a happy grinder for your pepper or salt!

Or these swimming salad servers $45.00

Oh my calf in half! For your cream! So Silly! So much fun! $


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